Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mother's day Craft Ideas - Part Three

Paper Flower for Mom

This is something you can involve children with - a very easy item to make.
I am going to show you the basics and you can come up with many variations.

All you need is some tissue paper and floral wire or green pipe cleaners (chenille stems) like I used here.                                          


I first made a circle pattern for my flower and that would be a perfectly right shape for this kind of a flower.
However, when I started cutting the paper, I decided to give it a free shape. It just seemed to me to be more interesting.

You can play with the shape, and if you cut the paper with 'zig-zag' scissors you will achieve your flower to look very much like a carnation.
I used eight layers of paper here. Adding more layers will result in a richer look of your flower.
Now just make a small hole in the middle of the layered paper and fix it to your 'stem'. I just twisted the chenille stem to keep the paper in place.
You can use the flower for interior decoration (you can make a whole bunch of them) or as an embellishment when wrapping gifts.

In just a few minutes you can make something that will make your mother smile.


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