Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lampshade Decoration

Here is an excersize on lamshade decoration.

I've had this little lamp shade for several months (I got it for next to nothing at 'Bunnings'). I almost forgot I had it and then I found this simple, but beautiful lamp base at 'Reject Shop' in a basket with 'rejected stuf' for $7.5 :)

I love how these two guys fit together and, in fact, this is already a beutiful little lamp for me.
However, I'd like to give it some personality and make it more of 'my lamp'.
So I thought we could go for an excersize and think of a few things that could be added here. I decided I would use only material I already have at hand and here are the outcomes:

These are wooden buttons with floral prints.

This is a rose made from my son's old polo shirt. If I chose to use roses, I might make them smaller and glue them all around the shade.

Here I tried using shells - and loved it!

Raffia will always give a simple, warm and rustic look to everything. I like that very much, but this lamp base calls for shabby chic to me.

The twine was pre-cut already for another project, but I just wanted to show you what you can achieve with this inexpensive material.
You can always go and repeat along the top line the same (or similar) thing you did on the bottom line, but I wouldn't recommend adding embellishments only on the top (looks kind of heavy).

So, these are only some options I could go with for this particular lamp. For another lamp, I'd probably go with pearls, glass beads, lace... Always try more than one variant (make sure you use some kind of temporary fixing)
My choice will probably be this one:

It looks grat in my room. I'm tempted though to add a little something - if I go for it, I'll let you know :)

Have a great week!


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