Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine's Crafts 3 - More to Wire & Twine Hearts

Hi there! Its weekend again :)

I work full time in an office I have to travel to for almost 2 hours.
Yes, two hours one way. Lots of reading time :)
However, that means being exhausted most of the time :(
But I still can't give up crafting and this blog, which makes every weekend so precious.

OK, enough whinging - let's go to my plans for this weekend.
I'd like to complete 3 projects and here's the first one.
In fact, I just tried a couple of variations to my wire & twine hearts here. (I was sooo encouraged by your kind comments - thank you very much!)

(Boy, I really need to improve my photography skills! Sorry about this.)

For this one I used cotton cooking twine and a bamboo button - the same material I used for my 'Down-to-Earth Bag' (coming in my next post). So here's the result:

And here's one with raffia. I love the texture of this one but it does require a little more patience to connect the pieces of raffia. Here it is:

That's it for now, I'm off to finish my bag!

Love, DK


  1. So you're a weekender too - That's me, only my commute when I am traveling is about 12 hours. Live in CA and work in the Midwest. But when I'm home on the weekends - it garage time. Ha. Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. These are wonderful! I know what you mean about having a full work week... but for me: I just Gotta CREATE! {Thus, the name of my blog}. I'm so glad you shared these at the Kiss & Tell party over at my place. <3

  3. Adorable! Thanks for linking up at From Scratch Friday! Come back next week :)


  4. Love the twine, but then, I have a problem with time!
    I understand the weekend issue, if I want good pictures I have to race home from work (45 minutes if I'm lucky!) or try to get it done on the weekends.

  5. Those are so charming, DK. I really like the raffia one, the button gives it a little extra romance.

  6. I love it. Im on to one with wire and coir :)Visiting frm Sundays best

  7. I love it! It is so simple and clever, I love it even more!

  8. These are gorgeous. I'm your newest linky follower. Stop by and check me out. I'm also a working mommy that crafts by night once my toddler goes to bed.

  9. This look great, especially the one made of cotton cooking twine.
    Greatings from Europe!

  10. They're adorable! I really like the one you did with twine! I would love for you to link up to It's a Party on Thursday (actually it starts tonight)!

  11. Thank you all, so much!
    Sorry, I haven't fixed this 'reply' function, but I hope you've all noticed I reply by visiting your blogs and posting comments there.

    Love each and every comment! XOXOX :)

  12. I like all three, but really like the twine one. So very pretty. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay! Now following you on Linky and hope you'll follow back!

  13. These are sooo sweet! I love them! I am hosting my first link party today, and would love for you to link this up, along with anything else you like!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  14. Love this! We just posted our 2nd Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party and would love for you to share this!

  15. These are clever and cute! I wonder how they'd look in a larger size...could maybe use as a door decoration? Very creative of you!

  16. Fabulous post,
    Thank you for linking your post up! , hope you will stop by today and link up another great post!!
    See you there
    Claire x

  17. Thank you Cathy, Jessica, Jill, Ann and Claire!
    Been to your blogs, did parties, all done :)
    I just love getting in touch with all of you gals!
    This is a world I'm still new to, still exploring and learning a lot.
    And loving it!
    So much so, I think I should re-organise my life :)
    And, Ann, you have become so special to me!
    Love being your follower No 1000 :)


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