Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Make a Ring - Tutorial

Thank you so much, everybody, for your kind comments on my ring.

I promised I would tell you how I made it, so here you are.
Many of you probably figured out immediately that this is the simplest crochet ever done.
- Start with a single loop.
- Make 6 stitches from that first loop
- Then do 2 stitches from each of the 6 stitches you've just done. (= 12 stitches)
- You can add one more 'expanding' row. You'll be doubling the number of stitches again.
- When you are happy with the size of your future ring, you will want to decide whether you want your ring to look like a little ball or more like a button.
- For the button look, you will go for one simple, 'single stitch' row - just repeat the same number of stitches in this row. If you are making a 'ball like' ring, skip this row.
- Then you start downsizing - 1 stitch in every second stitch from the previous row.
- Before you close the form, fill it with a cotton ball.
- Finish the 'ball'.
- Glue it to the 'blank' ring finding bought in a craft store.

Ta-Da! - A fluffy pink ball :)
The best part is playing with different materials.
I played further and here is more:

I used rough, shiny craft yarn here. I also made earrings here. 

This one comes with mini arm warmers.

 And this is a set in making - a ring, hand warmers and a brooch.

I hope you will find this post inspiring and the tutorial useful. My apologies - the photos are ugly again. Most of the winter I am at home only in the evening and this is the best I can do with the light I have to work with.



  1. Your rings are beautiful! I love the green one the most! A few weeks ago I have made a crocheted ring too and would love to blog it soon :)
    Wish you nice day,

  2. wow..that is really very cool!!

  3. Those look like so much Fun!!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina

  4. So very fun... thanks for sharing the details. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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