Saturday, 21 July 2012

Knitted Scarf with a Twist

Today I'm sharing a scarf with a hole :)

While most of my dear readers are enjoying summer, we are in the middle of winter here.
So I made a scarf for a friend the other night.
That one is gone, but I thought I should share how I make these.

Here is how I make them:

Start with 20 or 30 stitches (depending on the size of your needles).
Knit 18-20 cm. Take an extra needle and keep one half of your stitches (10/15) on it. 
Now work on the other 10/15 stitches. go for some 10 cm. 
Do the same with the other half and continue working on all stitches. 
You'll have a 10 cm long 'hole' in your scarf. Go on until you reach the length that looks good on you.
I make mine some 85 cm long.

I really like this twist in front where one end goes through the other and I've made a bunch of these scarves over several years using different materials and different colors. They are all gone. I only kept this silver colored one and I have been wearing it for three years now.
I like how it 'sits' and with this kind of yarn the hole is not even visible.

Hope you'll like it and make one for you before winter :)
I can only imagine how great it would feel to ware a scarf made from pearl yarn I saw here:

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  1. That looks so snuggly. I've been trying to knit a scarf for the last 2 winters :-( I think it may be the fact that I don't actually like the colour of the wool I originally chose.
    I think when I take it up again I'll add the hole - so easy. Thanks hun xxxx

  2. This scarf is so fluffy! Must be so comfortable to wear... The hole idea is fantastic.
    It is so weird that on the Southern Hemisphere is actually winter and Christmas time is summertime there :)

  3. Thanks, girls!
    I'm glad you like the scarf :)
    I totally agree with you, Hanni - it is a little weird to have winter in the middle of summer :b
    Natalie and I sit in all this grey and cold while you guys enjoy your summer vacations :(
    We do get to have Christmas parties on the beach, but I love white Christmas too.
    Cold or hot, this week is given to all of us to enjoy. So let's have fun!

  4. I wish I lived by you, cause I love winter and hate summer here this summer, so very hot. I do love to knit, and I really like your scarf, also the yarn is very pretty too. Thanks for the pattern! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sundays' Best - you've helped to make it a great party!

  5. That scarf is GREAT!!! Looks sooooo soft!!! You'll be in your summer time soon enough :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

  6. What a beautiful and fluffy scarf! I have often wondered how to make the hole so thanks for sharing how you made it. I might try it next time. Have a Happy Week! xo


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