Sunday, 7 August 2011

Simple Handmade Home Decor Item

These decorative balls have been around for a while. Sizes and materials vary. I find them attractive and fun and always feel like touching them :)
Here's how you can make your own decorative balls:

That's all you need - balloons (1 for each ball), jute twine (varieties of yarn would also work well - depending on the final look you want to achieve) and some craft glue diluted with water (1:1).
Soak the twine in glue and water mixture and just wrap the balloon randomly. If you work with yarn, be careful and do not soak too much at a time - it gets hard to work with.
Once you're satisfied with your ball, just leave it to dry over night. Cut the balloon, take it out and that's it - you have a new decorating item to play with!

Here is what you don't want to happen:

Make sure the air is not leaking from your balloon or you'll be surprised next morning, like I was here :)

I kept this 'ball' too and will let you know what can be done with it.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I love decor orbs and use them alot. Neat idea with the jute twine. Putting this on my list!


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