Sunday, 11 March 2012

Printable 'Fruits of the Spirit'

Today I have three versions of 'The Fruits of the Spirit' printable instant art. 
This is my early Easter gift to you :)

The background and the frame used for the first one come from Karen - The Graphics Fairy.

For the other two I used photos I made on Good Friday last year.

Last week was great for me!
I've got really attached to this blog lately and try to have at least one project a week to share with you lovely people. And you love me back - my projects get featured often, the number of your visits grows daily. My washing board project got over 1000 hits!
I even have over 100 followers as of last week :)
And Jill from I Know the Plans I Have for You surprised me with the Liebster Blog Award!
At the office, I was assigned tasks that are more of a challenge for me and make that part of my life more interesting too.
There is one problem though: I'm constantly exhausted by travelling 2 hours one way to work. I need a solution for this soon - I need to either make more money to be able to rent another house or be able to reduce hours at work and make less money but more life :)
I would really appreciate it if you remembered me in your prayers. Many thanks.

With love,


  1. I obviously love this idea. (did you see my bible quote art last week... ?!) it is indeed so soulful. thank you

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog -- I'll have to come back here and look around, looks like lots of neat stuff!

  3. Thanks, girls :)
    I love your printables too.

  4. I love the frame around the fruit of the spirit qualities. Such beauty for such important words. Thanks so much for linking this to Scripture Thursday. ~ Abby

  5. Thank you so much for linking such beautiful inspiration on Teagan's Travels Destination: Inspiration Tuesday linky party. I so love having your beautiful art each week and it brightens my day. Congrats on your award!! That is awesome. I will be keeping you in my prayers and hope your commute gets shorter.

    Blessings, Michelle

  6. Hi there! ... Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog ... lovely to meet you ... I'm going to enjoy taking a look around your blog ...Lovely printables ... have a great day!

  7. Oh, I just saw this saying on another friend's blog, and it is beautiful. I love the picture with the clouds the best. I just did a cloud post, and it reminded me of that. Have a wonderful day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. I just love your inspirational thoughts and prints. I'm glad I jumped over here from Our Delightful Home link up.. you have a wonderful blog here. Please feel free to come visit me at my blog.

    Good luck on the commute I had that issue once and that was even with a company car and they paid my gas.. and it was still just too much. I eventually after a year left for something closer to home.. Prayers will be with you.

  9. Love it! When my girls were little we would take walks in the double stroller to the park nearby. I made up a little song to Galations 5:22 and we would sing it over and over to learn this verse. We did this with other scripture, as well. They still remember it today and they are 19 and 18.

  10. Another lovely printable! I'm currently doing a Beth Moore study - this one's on the "Fruit of the Spirit" and, boy, is it powerful! You can do a self-paced study online...if you're interested.

    I WILL pray that God will make clear to you the path to take about your work issues.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  11. Great printables! I would love for you to link up at my linky party via:

    PS: I am your newest Linky Follower!

    Mrs. Delightful

  12. Yikes, a two-hour commute is way too long. Good luck with that situation. I especially love the graphics fairy version. All are very nice - thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  13. My love to all of you lovely ladies!
    I try to reply to all your comments by e-mail (wherever it is possible).
    I also try to never miss visiting back.
    You give me that feeling of belonging to a great community of kind people :)

  14. I enjoy reading inspirational printables, thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Thank you for linking up your project !!
    This week’s linky party is up!!! i hope you will stop by and link up another fabulous project...

    Claire x

  16. These are great! Thanks for sharing. Such a nice reminder to have. :-) I would love if you stopped by my linky party "Fabulous Fridays" and shared this. I just started following your blog. :-)

  17. Love your printables-I'm your newest follower from finding fabulous-stop by for a visit!

  18. I love this printable. Sorry you have such a long drive to work. I really don't know how you do that and keep up your blog.


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