Monday, 11 April 2011

Easter Craft Ideas - Part Two


What about this:

This is an inexpensive and effective gift idea.

I used inexpensive paper mache boxes for this project.

First, I covered them with gesso (primer used by painters as primer for canvas or wood). I love using gesso before paint - it allows my colors to really stand out and I need less paint than I would need if I applied color directly on the surface.

After painting the boxes (both inside and outside) you can add any embellishments you have at hand. Not everything has to be about eggs and bunnies every Easter.
I thought my perfume sticker would be good for the pink box made for a girl.
For the sea theme on the green box I just decoupaged pieces of wrapping paper.

You can use white glue mixed with water instead of the Modge Podge (save money).
When you have all the pieces glued, use the same mixture to cover the whole surface (at least one layer).

Finally, fill the boxes with candies and inexpensive little toys and you have perfect Easter gifts for children.
A nicely decorated box like this (you will want to use a different theme), filled with a silk scarf, a tie, a set of beverage coasters (choices are endless) would make great gifts for your grownup friends too.

(See more boxes here.

Well, I hope you'll find this helpful. Let me know either way :)


Sorry about the poor quality of my pictures. I take them in the evening and I really need to do something to provide appropriate light. I promise I will. Soon :)

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