Monday, 14 March 2011

More Ways to Make Extra Money

If you have any writing talent, you can try freelance writing which is in great demand on the internet.
You can even write e-books on subjects you have knowledge, interest or experience in and sell them on the internet. E-bay is a good place to start.
In fact, you can sell anything on E-bay. This is something you should definitely give a try since it is a low-cost business you can develop as far as you wont.
I will write more about this later.
For now, you might want to check out and
Surf a little and you will find all kinds of info. Just be careful, don't pay for anything you haven't double-checked.

I have made some money as a freelancer too, but my favorite activity is crafting.
I love all kinds of crafts, love making things, exploring what other people do and reading whatever I can find related to crafts.

Right now, I'm working on wooden boxes exploring materials and techniques I can use to decorate them.
I have just recently started posting my boxes at - that is an Australian version of Etsy ( Both are great places for crafters to sell their products - like a market place 24/7.
I'm also preparing to participate at the 'Made In Thornbury' market in June/July. I'm going there with my boxes and knitted and crocheted scarfs'n'staff.

Here is a picture of some of my boxes. Please feel free to visit my store at

I love working on these boxes and any money I make from it comes as a gift :)

That's all for today, folks. Please keep Japan in your prayers!


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