Friday, 25 March 2011

Decorate Your Living Room with Your Jewelry

I love my jewelry. Each piece reminds me of a moment, a person or a place that meant so much to me.
I wanted to be able to see them at home so that I can revisit those places and moments in my memory more often.
Also, your jewelry tells something about you to your guests. Having the pieces you love displayed can be a great conversation starter.

If you are interested in home decorating, you have probably seen different displays already.

I had some unused picture frames. I used one of them to display a vintage postcard of a place I loved and the second one became a home for some of the pieces I love.
I simply replaced glass with a piece of jute fabric and there it was - my perfect jewelry display!

You can always get picture frames for next to no money at garage sales. You can embellish your frames or leave them as they are - depends on the impact you want to achieve.

So - save money and decorate with what you have.
Enjoy your memories!


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  1. Excellent idea! There is no way I can wear all the costume jewelry I've collected. Maybe I'll do this instead!


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