Friday, 4 March 2011

I'm talking about money, time and many other things

The world we live in has become so hard to keep up with.
So much is offered, so much is in front of our eyes every day.
If you are like me and the most of the population, you can't possibly have everything you would like to have,
and especially not everything your kids would like to have.

I would like this blog to become a place where people will come to find ideas that will help them add to their lives, have a little more money by making some extra and saving what they make.

I am a passionate crafter and will probably talk a lot about crafts, but there will be advices on how to save time and money too.
My main goal is to share with others, so if you have ideas, success stories, tutorials, questions, anything you'd like to share - I'll be happy to share this space with you.

So let's start this little adventure and see how much value can it add to our lives.


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  1. Being creative and making connections with other bloggers is a great way to enhance your life. Love your blog!


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