Saturday, 16 April 2011

Easter Craft Ideas - Part Four

Today's Easter Craft Tutorial: Egg Cosies

We make egg cosies mostly because we like to make them. There is something romantic and noble about them.

I am sorry to say I have noticed we actually use egg cosies less and less.
We mostly have our breakfasts on the run - have no time to boil an egg, let alone to put a little cap on it to keep it warm.

Well, you might want to add egg cosies to your Easter breakfast table at least for decoration.

Here is an easy project for you:


- 1 sheet of felt in a color that matches your table setting
(I used three different colors as I had some leftover felt already.)
- Thick tread in a contrasting color
- A simple sewing needle (make sure the tread fits).

Here is your pattern:

I designed this egg cosy to be a little chunky for a rustic look and that is why the pattern is 5 cm (2") wide. Have in mind that you will loose a couple of millimeters on each side of each part of the cosy if sewing with a thick tread.
The hight of the pattern will be more or less the same as the width, depending on how deep your egg cups are. The hight of the pattern shown here is 53 mm.

One you have your pattern cut out, copy it on felt and cut three pieces for each cosy you want to make.

Start with two pieces, place them so that their wrong sides are facing each other and sew them together from the basis to the top. Then add the third piece and sew them all together, not at all trying to make your stitches perfect. :)

Here is the result again:

And here is another option:

You guessed right - this was one of my February projects (for more see my older posts).

I really believe that these little things add to the atmosphere now as we have less time to eat together.
If you have family meals only on weekends and holidays, that is one more reason to make them special. And it does not mean you have to spend hours cooking.

On making your simple meals special see this book;

Rita's Culinary Trickery

Even if you are a great cook, there are some smart tricks in this book you might want to use.

All the best!


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