Sunday, 10 April 2011

Easter Craft Ideas - Part One

I promised I would come up with some Easter craft ideas.
So here we are:

Number one: if you still have to send some Easter cards - do not waste your money on fancy designer cards - you can do a great job with templates from your craft or two-dollar shop.
You can start with simple cardboard, but I have found these for $2 per pack.

I added a piece of red cardboard to the top front part of the template. I wanted to keep the leaf uncovered for now. Take a look:

I printed a cute little picture I found here.
I simply glued the picture on the red cardboard.

Then I made this little raffia bow and added it to the lower part of the card.

Well, I liked the result, but there was (still) something missing to this Easter card.
So I added these buttons (buttons seem to be getting more and more popular as inexpensive embellishment material for many crafts).

Take a look now:

That's it. Now, if you use such a delicate template like I did here, you'll need to add a piece of cardboard or paper inside to write on.
That is why it is always safe to buy simple cardboard templates (or make your own). By doing that you are actually giving so much space to your own imagination - your options are endless.
If you are a crafter you will always have leftovers from your previous crafts. If this is a new (potential) hobby for you - keep your eyes open. You can find a lot of supply on sales, at two-dollar shops and supermarkets. In fact, I bought my basic equipment at Aldi for several bucks.
It works well for me. And I have not buy a greeting card since.

I hope you will still have time to use this idea for the coming Easter, but my point is that you can save money making your own cards for Easter or any other occasion.

Enjoy it.
(Part two coming soon!)


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  1. Cute mix of designs. I really should adopt some of them to my own cards!


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