Saturday, 2 April 2011

Make & Save with Yarn

I bought this yarn last year.
I loved its fluffiness and the fact it was cotton, and now I'm starting to love pink!
Well, it was cheap too, so I decided I would buy some :)

This is what I've done with it so far:

You've guessed it right - I did this in February :)
I loved combining yarn and left-overs of a tunic of mine for the heart-shaped potholder.
Then I couldn't stop there, so I went to my recycling corner and found a household paper tube which I cut, covered with some paper (with pink hearts) and I finished my napkin rings with my pink yarn.
I made some more pink items in February, I'll show you later...

Now, a colleague of mine has got a new baby girl. While he was on leave we prepared gifts (we do that for each new baby in our office). I remembered my pink yarn again :)
P. is coming back to work tomorrow and here is what I made for little Ava:


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