Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter Craft Ideas - Part Three

Ever since I came to live in Australia, I have a problem to really get into the right mood for holidays. Everything is so... opposite here. I am never sure which time of the year it actually is and what the next coming holiday should be.

My Easter Craft Ideas posts are the product of me trying to put on my 'Easter hat' and think Easter and not autumn.
Now, Easter weather in Melbourne can be nice, but I will always miss all the green gardens full of daffodils.
This year, we are approaching this holiday with cold, gray and rainy weather (however, it can always change to better in one week). And, in my mind, Easter is green, yellow and white. It means spring! :)

The other day, I thought of a great December spent in America and all the lovely ladies wearing red and green sweaters and accessories while approaching Christmas. And I thought I might do exactly the same thing this Easter. I can create the mood I need (and I need to think it's spring!)

That is how this 'necklace' was born - I needed it to be green and yellow and flowery. I'm wearing it to work tomorrow! And, tomorrow night - I will make a pair of hand warmers in same colors. (Of course I'll post pictures - you bet)

The work is very simple - if you have ever crocheted anything, you will be able to make it.

The colors are the ones that will bring the Easter mood wherever you go.

Don't miss my next post this weekend - I'm showing you some cute little (easy to made) egg cosies.
See you then!

Love, DK

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